Unity Candles

Unity candles can be used during your Wedding Ceremony to symbolize many things between the bride and groom.  Unity candles come in many sizes, color combinations, and embellishments.  Avoid anything controversial, or insensitive beyond that pretty much anything goes.

When embellishing your own Wedding Unity Candles let your creative juices flow. Most Unity Candles look amazing when two or more embellishments are combined.  Here is a short list of items available to enhance your DIY Unity Candles;

*Paper Napkins
*All types of Ribbons
*Fancy Letters
*Real/Silk Flowers

Tip—If you are going to DIY your Unity Candles keep papers, ribbons, glitter, and other flammable items two or more inches from the flame.

Unity Candles are not meant to be burned during the entire ceremony or burned continuously(I know that your knew that!😊).

Embellishment on the large pillar candle should be inches from the flame. The taper candles start the embellishment about an inch below where the middle of the candle is.  Mix and match colors, ribbons, rhinestone, glitter until you find a combination that suits you and your wedding décor.

Whether you decide to buy your unity candles or DIY them yourself. The results are sure to be pleasing!

Check out this short video for more inspiration!

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