15 Budget Friendly Wedding Favors

Here are 15 Budget Friendly Wedding Favors that will stretch your Wedding dollars. They are sure to please your guest.  Give nice gifts to guest without breaking your budget 🙂

Round Silver Tin Wedding Favor

These are small round silver wedding favor tins that can be  personalized or left plain and a ribbon tied around them. Candy and personalized labels are not included.

Heart Shaped Tin Wedding Favor

Heart Shaped candy tins that can be filled with any type of candy or mints 

Mason Jar Wedding Favor

Mason Jar in many styles and varies  with a cork can be used to give your guest the gift of your choice

Goody Bag Wedding Favor

White Goodie bags here they are shown for a birthday gift but can also be personalized and used for weddings, and bridal showers

Wine Bottle Label Wedding Favor

Personalized wine bottle labels. Many styles and colors to choose from.  Mini wine bottles not included.

Water Bottle Label Wedding Favor

This will likely be one of the easiest Wedding Favors to do. Water Bottles are plentiful from any retailer. Remove existing labels and replace with your personalized label.  Gifted mostly during Summer and Spring Weddings.

Personalized Coasters Wedding Favors

You guessed it, another personalized gift for your guest. These coasters can be given to your guest with a photo of the happy couple and a wedding date.

Champagne Bottle Bubbles Wedding Favors

I couldn’t help myself with these bubbles and wand what look like mini champagne bottles. To give the couple a great send off and they are environmentally friendly 🙂

Plastic Hearts Wedding Favors

Plastic heart shaped Wedding Favors will likely work best with smaller mints or candies ideal for guest of all ages.

Square Tin Wedding Favors

These are too cute above they are shown as a baby shower gift but of course we would use them as Wedding Favors. Larger candies or baked goods should be considered for these cuties.

Lip Balm or Chap Stick Wedding Favor

Lip balm/c or chap stick Wedding Favor with the bride and groom names and Wedding Date. Small but does double duty.   I’m loving it!

Vintage Milk Bottle Wedding Favors

Mini vintage milk bottles I know there are a lot of similar items to this but I had to include them and the price is right. Go with the candy of your choice.

Match Stick Wedding Favors

Love the design on these matches you may be able to pair them with candles or sparklers or give them alone. Available in several different designs

Plastic Tumblers Wedding Favors

Thought these were interesting as Wedding Favors. They are plastic cups that have been personalized for a wedding.

Pint Ice Cream Wedding Favors

Ice cream Wedding Favors are different than many that I have seen. I thought it would be a nice addition.

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Budget Friendly Wedding Favors

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