Get Rid of your Wedding Stuff?

What do you do when you have way too much Wedding Stuff? You sell it NOT store it! Of course you will keep some items but those Wedding items that you can live without should be sold. Now is the best time to sell your gently loved Wedding Items.

What are people looking for?

  • Wedding Signs                      *Wedding Decorations
  • Wedding Dresses                  *Wedding  Party Accessories
  • Wedding Chair Covers        *Wedding Shoes

Wedding Services Desired

  • Wedding Planner                      *Caterer
  • Photographer                             *Cake Bakers
  • Car Services                                 *Band/DJ
  • Day of Coordinator                   *Wedding Centerpieces

If you recently got married Congrats! With Wedding Cost constantly rising why not consider recouping some of your Wedding Investment. How could you recoup some of the money you spent on your awesome one of a kind Wedding  :)? By selling some of your Wedding Items here.

List your ad here on  even if you have your Wedding Items listed for sale on other websites. If your goal is to Sell your Wedding items or get new wedding clients the more people seeing your ad(s) the closer your are to achieving your goal.  All sales are between the Buyer and the Seller. No  commissions, No hidden fees.

**Remember** when you are done with your wedding décor, Wedding Items, Wedding Dress etc. Consider selling them on our website. Other brides-to-be may be looking for those items.


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